Eule Grey, author

Eule Grey loves cake. She writes LGBTQI books with the kind of characters she’s been seeking since childhood: Disabled women, neurodivergent characters, characters with mental health issues, conflicted thoughts, and a fetish for cupcakes. She loves mystery with darkness and humour, and stories with a hopeful ending. Eule doesn’t mind having her heart squeezed as long as the experience comes with hot chocolate and extra marshmallows!
Eule writes romance, sci-fi, YA, horror, fantasy, and paranormal. She won’t be squeezed into one genre—she's not tidy enough. Pronouns: She or they.
“I want you—because you’ve scraped the darkness, yet still you come here today and bare all. That—that’s what I want. I would accept no less. It’s no pretty mermaid the world needs but claws and teeth.” We, Kraken